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"We understand the need for the proper handling of evidence and what our role is in the case"

                - David Stenhouse, Laptop Magazine, August 2002

Since 1998, David Stenhouse has been providing services to law enforcement, law firms, and corporate clients in the midst of electronic discovery and computer crimes investigations.  DS Forensics, Inc. is committed to the proper preservation, tracking, and analysis of the electronic evidence in your case.  This commitment to excellence is the assurance your evidence is handled, analyzed, and interpreted correctly.

DS Forensics, Inc. bases its quality from working "in the trenches" of hundreds of civil litigation matters.  Your choice in hiring DS Forensics, Inc. should not be based on the tools used, but on the experience gained over the years in this industry.

Services include discovery consulting, electronic data collections, searching, filtering, forensic analysis, and deposition preparation.

Speaking Events:

If you are interested in DS Forensics, Inc. speaking to your group or at a specific event, feel free to call and advise what you’d like to learn from the world of computer forensics.

Some cases allow for the remote collection of electronic data from hard to reach locations. Consider the options and decide if this is right for your matter.

Remote E-Discovery Collections